Our Diversity, 股本 and Inclusion Mission

Guthrie’s mission of helping everyone in our communities attain optimal, life-long health and well-being guides us to ensure an environment that respects and values diversity by providing equitable treatment to all who work, 学习, and receive care here. As the cultural landscape of the communities we serve continues to evolve we have rededicated ourselves to increasing these efforts. 
We are actively working towards ensuring that diversity, equity and inclusion are a part of everything we do at Guthrie. While we recognize this is a journey that will take time, it is one we are committed to. 

Patient Care

We treat all patients with warmth, respect and dignity and provide care that is both necessary and appropriate. We do not discriminate in the care or services that we provide. Specifically, we do not discriminate based upon 教育, 年龄, 性, 性别, 残疾, 比赛, color, 宗教, income or who will pay their bill, 性别 identity or expression, affectional or 性ual orientation, national origin or ancestry, marital status, civil union status, domestic partnership status, veteran status, 文化, 语言, or any other basis prohibited by law. Emergent clinical care is based on identified patient health care needs, not on patient’s ability to pay, or organizational needs.

病人 are treated in a manner that preserves their dignity, 自治, self-esteem, civil rights, and involvement in their own care. Compassion and care are part of our commitment to the communities we serve. We strive to provide health 教育, health promotion, and illness- prevention programs as part of our efforts to improve the quality of life of our patients and our communities.

The Guthrie Diversity, 股本 and Inclusion Coalition has three primary areas of focus:

  • 病人 – Recognizing and addressing disparities in clinical outcomes experienced by underrepresented groups who are receiving care at Guthrie.
  • 护理人员 – Have a defined, articulated and understood approach by Guthrie caregivers on how Guthrie values, celebrates and lever年龄s diversity in our organization. 点击这里 to see Guthrie’s Patient Care expectation for caregivers.
  • Communities – Identifying areas where underrepresented groups in our service area may be experiencing gaps/barriers in access to care.

We are working hard to ensure that Guthrie provides clinical excellence and compassion to every person, 每一次. If you have a suggestion on how we can best achieve this, or if you have a question, comment or concern, please email the Guthrie Diversity, 股本 and Inclusion Committee at Diversity股本Inclusion@nwacro.com.

Some recent initiatives of the committee include:

pronouns pins

We are now offering all caregivers the opportunity to display their pronouns by wearing the buttons pictured below, should they choose to do so. Pronouns affirm 性别 identities and create safe spaces by referring to people in the way that feels most accurate to them.

性别 restrooms

Guthrie has recently updated its policies to provide all 性别 restrooms in public areas for patients and visitors, allowing individuals to use the restroom that aligns with their 性别 identity.

Celebration of Cultures

护理人员 and their families and friends celebrated diversity within the organization and in the community. In April our Diversity, 股本, and Inclusion Committee is hosting a “Celebration of Cultures” at the Sayre High School gym.

What do diversity and inclusion refer to?

They refer to empowering people by respecting and appreciating what makes them different, in terms of 年龄, 性别, 种族, 宗教, 残疾, 性ual orientation, 教育, and national origin. 

What is Health 股本?

Health equity is the state in which everyone has a fair and just opportunity to attain their highest level of health. 

Why is Health 股本 important?

Equitable health care leads to more efficient healthcare systems overall, as a healthier population requires less medical care. That means fewer doctor's visits, less healthcare spending per patient, and better health outcomes. 

Women's 历史

Guthrie celebrates the many women throughout history that have made significant contributions to medicine and who paved the way for the more than 150 women physicians and 264 women advanced practice providers (APPs) currently making a meaningful difference at Guthrie. These historical women of medicine were faced with discrimination, 偏见, and other challenges, but persevered to become pioneers in the medical field, making contributions to modern nursing, cancer treatments, and enhanced ethical practices and standards. 在世界博彩公司十大排名, the Women In Medicine group is active in celebrating and supporting the accomplishments of women physicians and APPs, bringing improvements to the workplace for the growing number of women entering the field and encouraging young women to consider a career in medicine. Guthrie employs nearly 5,000 women caregivers, many of whom also hold leadership positions.

Black 历史

The Guthrie Clinic joins the nation in celebrating Black 历史 Month. Our mission at Guthrie guides us to ensure an environment that respects and values diversity, providing equitable treatment to all who work, 学习 and receive care here. Over the past year, Guthrie’s Diversity, 股本, and Inclusion Committee has remained committed to closing the gaps to care for our underserved populations, creating healthier communities. Black 历史 Month is an opportunity to place special emphasis on health care access and improve wellness, as well as to celebrate the contributions of the African American health care professionals serving our communities.

Pride Month

今年6月, Guthrie celebrates Pride Month in recognition of our LGBTQ+ patients, caregivers and community members. We also celebrate in remembrance of the LGBTQ+ individuals throughout history who cour年龄ously advocated for dignity and equality for all. 

Learn about what our organization is doing this year to celebrate this occasion. 

Free Continuing Medical Education Training in LGBTQ+ Patient Centered Care

As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion at The Guthrie Clinic, we highly recommend that all caregivers participate in the free trainings from either the 国家 LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center and the CAL.